View a slideshow that features Hillcrest Fencing’s trellising work.

In the Pacific northwest, the one preferred system for trellising is called VSP (vertical shoot position). And Hillcrest Fencing has a lot of experience with this system, knowing that the attention to detail and quality work is vital for a successful installation of this trellising system.

  • Wood and/or steel posts options are available. The choice is mainly dependant upon your preference in aesthetics and price, though sometimes the region/climate that you are in can be a big determining factor (ie steel is a longer lasting option in a wetter region than wood).
  • We are capable of doing all phases of the trellis installation, or we can break out and only do certain phases that you need us to do.
  • We also rebuild or repair existing trellis systems.
  • We have worked with both bigger vineyards & vineyard management companies, aswell as with hobbyist vineyards that sit on anywhere from 1-10 acres.