Expect the Best: Hillcrest Fencing

Whether it’s for agricultural purposes, to keep your pets in your yard, or to secure your property, you need a reliable fence. Hire Hillcrest Fencing, based in Corvallis and Albany, Oregon, for high-quality materials and craftsmanship – our fencing company has more than 40 years of combined experience designing, building and maintaining all types of fences and gates.

Owner Matt Jones and his crew works throughout Oregon and Washington to build strong, secure and attractive enclosures that can be used to contain livestock and pets, keep deer and other predators out, define property boundaries or beautify your yard.

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fence around a lake and barn 2 rail wood fence with wire 2 rail wood fence 4 rail board fence with wire Painted white wood rail fence

Hillcrest Fencing Specializes in:

Field Fence
Horse Fence
Deer Fence

Site Preparation
Brush Clearing

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